Software developer bootcamp and 5 lucrative careers you can land after attending it

By now, the software developer bootcamp hype must have swept through your workplace. It is not just where you work, the whole idea of coding school is taking the US by a huge storm. Back in 2012, there were only a handful of them. Barely half a decade later, so much has changed. With many coding … Read more

Do coding bootcamps work? – How to ensure you land your dream job after coding bootcamp

Joining a coding school should come after intense soul searching. You must have asked yourself the basic questions. Do coding bootcamps work? If so, will you be available for the program if you join one? Do you have sufficient funding to take you through? Even more, one has to be passionate about coding if he … Read more

Online web development bootcamp and what they don’t tell you

Adult education, after several years of not being in learning environment, can be intimidating. That explains why many people find it difficult pursuing online degrees and other short-term courses normally offered after entering the job market. However, the unpleasant experiences while going through learning in your elementary years shouldn’t stop you from gaining essential skills … Read more