Coding bootcamp explosion – do you need to join one?

coding bootcampA coding bootcamp came into the public domain back in 2012. Ever since, they have become very common. Technically, a coding bootcamp entails a technical training program where people learn some aspects of programing with the largest impacts in the current economy. Such institutions give opportunities to students with minimal coding proficiencies to gain important coding skills applicable to the real world. In most cases, you do not have to possess a technical coding background in order to benefit from a coding bootcamp. Why would someone probably opt to join one?

Speed Learning

Most Computer Science degree programs take four years to complete. In a coding bootcamp however, they only isolate what is considered relevant to the market needs, which is then taught in 6-28 weeks. Condensing a four-year degree program into 13 weeks or so no doubt requires high impact learning coupled with technology.

Advanced learning

As suggested earlier, coding bootcamp offers high impact learning. In essence, students learn 10% or so of what is taught in a normal Computer Science degree program. At a glance, it might seem like the percentage proposed is not of great significance. However, considering that the selected aspects are the most relevant in the industry, one cannot easily weather down the value of such skills. You can be certain that you will not be interacting with the non-essentials in the bootcamps.

Coding bootcamp is ideal for startups skills

Besides offering high impact learning and speedy programs, coding bootcamps also boast of offering technical skills that many startups actually need in launching their products. Ideally, most of these programs focus on technologies such as;

  • Ruby; this coding language was developed primarily to enhance the effectiveness and ease of building applications. One can as well say that it was developed to make easier the life of programmers. Companies such as AirBnB, Groupon and BaseCamp have since then taken advantage of it.
  • ExpressJS; it is more like a minimalist web app framework allowing developers to write their codes in JavaScript. The code is then run on a platform popularly known NodeJS. Many startups have adopted the use of this program as well.
  • Python; over the years, there has been a steady rise in the use of this coding language. It is mostly applicable in scientific computing and data science. Advanced companies like Yahoo and Google extensively use Python.
  • JavaScript; this language is famous for having been designed in 10 days and thereafter distributed through web browsers. For one to run a JavaScript code, all he requires is a web browser. Interaction with this program has led to major development in the market.

Find out moreĀ why you should consider joining a codecamp.

Coding bootcamps such as Launch Academy have no doubt made their impact in the world of computing. In the next couple of years, it is expected that their popularity will grow. For someone wondering whether it is worth joining one, you should take a closer look at the merits. With some coding boot camps coming with job guarantees, there is no clear reason why one should fail to embrace such opportunities!