Are coding bootcamps worth it?

For the past couple of years, coding bootcamps have been on the rise. From these technical training programs, people have been able to learn essential programing skills applicable to the current market needs. Ideally, such bootcamps equip people with important skills necessary in building web applications using recent technologies. Completed successfully, one has chances of becoming a high impact employee at either an established enterprise or startup. With many people joining these bootcamps and successfully landing jobs soon thereafter, many have been left wondering; is it time for me to join a codecamp too? Are coding bootcamps worth it? For one to answer these questions there is need for deeper soul searching.

Are you passionate about programing?

Well, it is true that coding bootcamps are programs that turn people with little or no coding knowledge into developers with essential skills. While a coding background might not be necessary, the personal drive and passion must be there. Have you ever taken an online programing course? Have you ever tried learning programing on your own? To have a smooth time in coding school, it is imperative that you become passionate about coding and be willing to go the extra miles in order to gain the necessary skills.

What do employers think about it?

After undergoing a rigorous training like a coding bootcamp, at least one would expect absorption into the job market soon after graduation. It might be worth it. With technological impacts being felt in all industries globally, there is no doubt that there will always be high demand for developers. Traditionally, we have heard the 4-year Computer Science degree programs competing for these lucrative opportunities. In the wake of codecamps, is something about to change? What are the perceptions of the very people who employ the graduates?

According to a recent survey conducted among HR managers from various industries across the US, it was established that 12% of employers feel that bootcamp graduates tend to be more prepared compared to Computer Science graduates. According to them, these people are more likely to perform highly in real world. On the other hand, 72% agreed that bootcamp graduates are as well prepared as those who have successfully completed Computer Science degree programs. The same research also showed that 17% of employers do not believe that those from coding bootcamp guarantee high performance like the degree graduates. What is your take?

The time is here

Again, are coding bootcamps worth it? 80% of the respondents also admitted to having hired coding bootcamps graduates. Out of them, a whopping 99% clearly agreed that they would do it again. With such impressive statistics, the fact that coding bootcamp is an idea whose time has come of age cannot be brushed off. Not everyone agrees with that by the majority does. Over the years, applications into coding schools have gone up steadily. Similarly, there has been an upward surge in the number of job seekers with bootcamp experience. If you are still wondering whether it is a great idea for you, nothing more could communicate better than the foregone statistics. It is worth your consideration!