Coding bootcamp cost: the ultimate guide

Coding bootcamp costJust before joining coding bootcamps, many people worry about the tuition fees and other charges. Are coding bootcamps expensive? How much does one need to complete a session of three months? In the United States, a coding bootcamp cost an average of $11000. It is not such an outrageous considering the amount of money Computer Science degrees cost. However, some people are unable to raise such funds on their own making it difficult to realize their dreams of being developers. If you were to find yourself in such a situation, what would be the best way out? Which are some of the funding options available for you?

Turn to lending partners

Several lending platform provide educational finances at favourable terms. Even better, some coding bootcamps have special arrangements with lending partners such as Upstart, Skills Fund, Climb Credit and Affirm. Most of these lending options work with US students. For non-US citizens, it is important to carry out your research beforehand.

While considering coding bootcamp loans, you need to take a closer look at the payback period. How much time have they given you? Most importantly, how long will it take you repay the loan? If you are to consider such loans, remember that the payment period should be after graduation.

Crowdfunding the coding bootcamp cost

You do not have to pull it through on your own all the time. You can always raise coding bootcamp cost through crowdfunding. Many have been successful before. There isn’t any reason why your bid should fail. First you will need to brainstorm an outstanding pitch that will make it easier for people to raise money for you. Next, you will need an idea platform. Sites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo have worked perfectly well for others before. The only way to find out if it will be so in your case is by actually trying!

Opt for customized bootcamp financing

Certain bootcamps make it easier for students to go through their coding program by offering deferred payment options. It is upon you to find out the various coding bootcamps that allows students to pay the fees after graduation and landing a job. With such arrangements, you will be able to focus on your studies with least of worries on funding. Find out more about financing your coding bootcamp.

There are also cases of personalized payment plans for other programing bootcamps. You might only need to pay the deposit and then raise the remaining fees based on your convenience. It is therefore important that you carry out your own research before settling on a given coding bootcamp.

Approach your employer

If every other avenue seem not to be working out, you can tread the least followed path; seeking sponsorship from your employer. You will have to give reasons why the bootcamp will boost you productivity at work. It serves best when your job is directly related to programing. If that is agreed, you can choose to enrol into a part time coding bootcamp to maintain your job even as you acquire news skills!

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