Coding bootcamp vs college; What are the Differences?

Do coding bootcamps work? Why would I choose an online web development bootcamp at the expense of a Computer Science degree? Many people have questions regarding coding bootcamp vs college. With many tech companies continuing to hire coding bootcamps every year, it is understandable why many people have raised eyebrows concerning these institutions. Most questions come from people who believe that coding skills were only for those people who pursued a degree in Computer Science. What does the new realization of coding bootcamps bring? What is the difference between these program and Computer Science degrees? Let us explore the facts.

Time and Money

There is a clear-cut difference between the time and money spent attaining a CS degree vis a vis coding bootcamp training. The average time for a coding bootcamp is slightly over 13 weeks. This full time commitment can take up to 28months depending on the programs you are undertaking. On the other hand, one can go up to four years pursuing a degree in Computer Science. There is therefore no doubt that coding bootcamp is enticing in terms of time.

Moneywise, it is costlier undertaking a CS compared to a programing bootcamp. In the case of a degree, you must be ready to spend $50,000-$10000. As for bootcamp, you can expect to spend $11000 on average. Yet again, coding bootcamp appears attractive.

Career Opportunities

On average, an entry-level CS degree graduate earns $65000 per year, the same amount as someone who has just finished his coding bootcamp studies. Most CS graduates end up as computer system analysts, web developers and software application developers. On the other hand, those who have graduated from coding schools end up being taken in as front-end web developers. Yet again coding bootcamp vs college graduate go hand in hand. In terms of job titles and compensations, they are almost at the same level. However, it is worth noting that Computer Science degrees have an upper hand when employers are looking for more specialized and senior level roles.

Likelihood of acceptance

There is no doubt that Computer Science degree has a name, one that has been built consistently over the years. Actually, gaining entry into competitive universities require a GPA of 3.6 to 4.0. This is an equivalent of A in high school. that explains why those who graduate with degrees in Computer Science are on high demand.

When it comes to coding bootcamp vs college acceptance, there is a wide variation in terms of admission criteria. For some bootcamps, you only need to pass the tests administered during interview. Others will carry out interview and personality test before allowing you in. To be honest, bootcamps are not as standardized as the contemporary Computer Science degree programs. For an average person, it is harder to gain access to CS degree program compared to programing bootcamp.

We might not have debunked everything but clearly, you now understand the notable differences between CS degree and coding bootcamps. What you opt for at the end of the day entirely depends on you!