Dev bootcamp – important factors to consider before joining one

Coding bootcamps tend to offer smart solutions for those who would like to build and strengthen their coding skills. In the past, people have shifted careers and transitioned to news jobs after attending dev bootcamp. Before believing the hype however, one needs to do a thorough soul searching and determine whether whatever it is that he is going for is worth it. In so doing, you will be able to realize your goals and have a peace of mind throughout your time in session. So, what are some of the most important questions one ought to ask himself or herself?

Have you taken coding courses before?

Most people joining coding bootcamps admit to having taken some free or inexpensive coding courses online prior to joining coding bootcamps. While it is not a necessity, such steps help you gauge whether what you are getting into is actually your interest. Getting frustrated and finally getting some programing work done will help you visualize whether coding is something for you. It is worth observing that having not taken a course in coding before should not stop you from pursuing your dreams.


Are you able to foot the bills on your own? The fees required to complete a coding program is not so expensive. However, you should be certain that you are able to raise the funds comfortably before starting. Nothing can be more disturbing than paying the initial fees then dropping along the way due to insufficient funding. For most coding schools, you will pay $11000 or thereabout in tuition fees excluding accommodation and other expenses. Are you able to source that amount of money on your own? If not, you should make funding arrangement earlier. Lending partners such as LendLayer, Earnest and Pave help students with coding bootcamp loans. You can also choose the option of crowdfunding if you are good at it.

Are you ready to work extra hours?

Whether you are in codecamp full time or part time, you will have to work extra hard in order to keep up with the rest. Most importantly, you should be a competent web developer by the time you are graduating from the programing camp. Apart from self-drive, you need to be passionate about programing. It isn’t just about getting a job once you are done with codecamp. Do you love programing? If you are not so much into computers and programing, it is better to go slow on the idea of joining a coding school.

Choosing the dev bootcamp

Once you have made up your mind to be a dev bootcamp student, you need to ensure that you enroll into an institution worth your money. Not all programing bootcamps are the same. It is therefore important that one carry out his research. Before submitting your application, seek to find out about the instructors. Are they dedicated? It is also necessary that they sufficient coding experience. With everything figured out the right way, nothing can stop you from realizing a fulfilling career upon joining a coding school!