Do coding bootcamps work? – How to ensure you land your dream job after coding bootcamp

Joining a coding school should come after intense soul searching. You must have asked yourself the basic questions. Do coding bootcamps work? If so, will you be available for the program if you join one? Do you have sufficient funding to take you through? Even more, one has to be passionate about coding if he is to pull it through. Most importantly, however, someone must find answers as to how the coding bootcamp course will lead to employment. Ideally, you are code school so that you can learn how to code. What then happens after you are equipped with the necessary skills? To ensure you don’t go through a rigorous system and end up in regrets, it is important that you take closer considerations of certain factors.

Be keen on the choice of bootcamp

Apparently, code schools are popping up everywhere with each growing. That doesn’t mean you should consider the one in your town when you have decided to learn coding. Chances are that your dream company in New York hasn’t heard of it. Even more, you aren’t certain of the possible connections you will gain in order to land your dream job. Before you choose a particular coding bootcamp, it is advisable that you reach out to your dream companies. Find out their assessment of code school graduates. Do they have preferences? Besides the location, you also need to find out more about the school’s job placement history. If your aim is to find a satisfactory job after graduation, joining a random summer coding bootcamp won’t be worth your consideration.

Be specific on where you want to work

Most people would simply say; ‘I will take any developing job the moment I graduate.’ It is important that one takes his time and find out the kind of employers he would want to work for. Thereafter, you can tune your program to be in line with their needs. You need to be able to evaluate companies before considering working for them after leaving a codling college. Certain issues like the company’s policies on seminars, mentorship and workshops should come on top of your priority list. With such concepts in mind, you will know how to go about your course when in school.

Use your time wisely

In order to come out as a competent graduate, you must work your ass off when in coding camp. However, coding college shouldn’t just be about learning and completing assignments. You should spend your time there to interact and network with others. Take advantage of tech meetups in expanding your network. During your time there, you can also reach out to graduates within your town and seek for mentorship. You can also use social media channels such as LinkedIn to connect to potential employers.

So, do coding bootcamps work? After going through a high-impact learning system such as coding bootcamp, one should be able to land his dream job. However, that will only happen if you know what it takes. The right time to know that is just before you join!