Full stack developer bootcamp and 4 False Beliefs

For those who are interested in coding, a coding bootcamp is simply one of those platforms you can explore to realize your expectations. Full stack developer bootcamp helps people gain essential skills that they will definitely require in the market. While many people agree that coding camps come handy for those interested in programing, some people have failed to pursue their dreams due to some myths associated with codecamp. In order to move forward, it is important that you be in a position to separate facts from myths. So, what are some of the myths that might be stopping you from joining a coding school?

I’m too old for it

Most people use this excuse not to join coding bootcamps. Learning something technical is not about age and coding is no exception. Instead of focusing on your age, you should your focus on more important aspects. What is your attitude about programing? Coding might not be a walk in the park but with the right mentality, you can get right through it! Your commitment is yet another thing that should concern you as opposed to age. Will you be able to endure long hours of trying? Coding requires patience and the spirit of never letting go until you get it right. If you can promise yourself to observe this, you will not have much problems.

I’m a girl

You should tell that to female coders who have been exploring this industry for several years and hear what they have to say. It might be true that the coding world has a larger male proportion. Instead of whining about that, it should actually encourage you. Female counterparts compete favourably with males in coding bootcamps. Actually, there exist some full stack developer bootcamp are purely for females. In case you did not have an idea, the very first coder in the world was woman by the name Ada Lovelace. Does that make a difference?

I need a CS degree to work in the tech industry

Most people believe that for you to be good in coding, you need to have studied Computer Science. Given the finances involved, they have probably given up believing that there isn’t any other place they can learn how to code that effectively. You are living a lie. Having a degree is great but you can still work in tech industry even without a degree in Computer Science. Actually, 72% of employers believe that full stack developer bootcamp graduates are as good as their CS counterparts.

It didn’t work before, it won’t work again

You might have tried some coding courses before without success. People fail for various reasons. The last thing you can do is to generalize and make it sound like you will never know to code. Sometimes, what you went for didn’t actually fit your learning style. It might also be true that the instructors were not as good as you might have expected. It is time you forget the past and try coding bootcamp. It might be what you have been waiting for!