Programming boot camp with Job Guarantees; the ultimate way out

Most people joining coding bootcamps do so with the hope of finding a job soon after graduation. If you are one such person, statistics seem to favor you. According to a recent survey, 73% of programming boot camp graduates are employed as developers soon after graduation. Well, that sounds great if not impressive. But wait, are you aware that certain coding bootcamps go ahead to offer job guarantees? If you didn’t have the slightest idea, now you know. What exactly does this mean and what are the possible implications?

Programming boot camp job guarantee

For a number of summer coding bootcamps, there is refund, either full or partial, for their students who are unable to find a job within a set period after graduation. In some cases, bootcamps actually offer guaranteed employment opportunities and apprenticeships with parent companies. For others yet, the bootcamps fees are not paid until the graduate lands a job. However, it is worth observing that such offers often come with accompanying terms and conditions. For instance, persons considered must meet a threshold of job applications per week. In addition, in your records, there shouldn’t be turned down job offers. It is therefore prudent that one reads and understands all the terms and conditions before settling on a coding bootcamp with job guarantees.

Why should you opt for coding bootcamp with guaranteed job placements?

It might sound like an obvious question. After all, everyone wants to get a steady cash flow after graduation from such an intensive system. One amazing aspect about such schools is that you will get reliable assistance when it comes to job search. That deals with the worry of possible investment in a bootcamp then failing to secure a job thereafter. Ideally, it puts off the possibility of remaining unemployed after graduating from such institutions. That aside, it gives you reasons to focus on your studies and worry less about what will ensue after graduation. Nothing can be more reassuring that knowing someone reliable has your back.

Be on the lookout

With such offers, there is no doubt that many people would gladly jump into any programming boot camp with job guarantees. While it is advisable to grab opportunities by their horns, it is prudent that one verifies whether he is walking into an opportunity or a disguised trap. To be on the safer side, you should check some basic requirements and get answers to some important questions.

  • Does the school guarantee a job or job offer?
  • Does the institution guarantee partial or full refund of the fees?
  • Are there any pre-requisites for meeting such job guarantees? If so, do you meet them?
  • Is the institution clear on the job search requirements?

Depending on your assessment, you can choose to join an in-person bootcamp or online job guarantee coding bootcamps. Either way, be sure that you understand fully all the outlined terms and conditions before making a decision. Most importantly, only opt for such offers if you are certain you understand fully what you are going for.