Python bootcamp and 4 Coding Bootcamp Myths Debunked

What should one expect upon joining a python bootcamp? Is it a marathon or another exciting experience? Many people join coding bootcamps without the slightest idea of what they should expect. The few things they probably know are from people who haven’t stepped inside a coding bootcamp. If you are going to have a fulfilling experience codecamp, you must be able to debunk myths from facts. So what are some of the common lies people say about these institutions?

It’s reserved for smart people

In the past, coding bootcamp graduates have admitted that the very name of this program makes it sound complex. That is why you are probably thinking right now; ‘I am not too smart to join a coding bootcamp.’ Well, coding bootcamps are for ordinary people like you and the girl next door. As expected, you will have outliers in everything. There will be exceptional students who will excel in their coding endeavours while others will struggle. The best you can do to yourself is being passionate about coding.

It’s a waste of precious money

Over the years, a python bootcamp has suffered their own fair share of bad press. Many people have lived to believe that such institutions are expensive and not worth it eventually. The truth is far from this. The average Computer Science degree costs $50,000-$100,000. On the other hand, one spends less than $11400 on average to fund coding camp tuition fees. Soon thereafter, you can land a job with a starting salary of $63000. Remember, you will take six months or less for coding bootcamp. Many people forget that you have to sacrifice four years of potential earning time if you are to look for Computer Science degree.

It is for those with good math background

Every time one hears about coding, the next thing that comes into mind is Mathematics. Actually, many people have missed the opportunity of joining codecamp simply because they believe they are not so good in math. Come on, who told you that Math knowledge is necessary in coding? You can excel in code school without necessarily being an expert in math. Honestly, coding revolves mostly on logic compared to math. Most of the time you will spend writing codes and not solving math-related problems so sit back and stop worrying about it!

They will get you a job

Well, this might sound discouraging. It all depends on how you view it though. Most coding bootcamps guarantee up to 90% graduate employment rates. This might not be true. However, it does not drive away the fact that they will help you gain connections, search for internship opportunities and provide you with the best skills to get your dream. To land your dream job however, you need to be up to the task. Instead of joining a python bootcamp with the hope of being rewarded with a job thereafter, you should focus on acquiring important skills that will put you on demand. At the same time, strive to work on interpersonal skills! You will be happy you did!