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Why I am doing this

Hi, there! My name is Irek Mirgaleev.

I have successfully built a career developing user interfaces, as well as back-end / front-end systems. Over the past few years, I have led international teams of software developers and provided mentorship to many junior developers. It is time to share this experience with you.

My goal is to connect with people who want to break into the software development field and to help them build the skillset they will need to land their dream job.

But don't I need to spend four years getting a fancy expensive degree for that?

Absolutely not. I've met and worked with people who had no formal education whatsoever, and this didn't stop them from learning to code, getting a job and be very successful at it.

I have no coding experience, do I have any chances to succeed?

Yes! If you can sit in front of the computer for an hour a day, you can learn how to code and get an entry-level programming position.

What am I getting from signing up?

You will have an opportunity to ask anything about my experience and get personalized help with getting started with your software engineering career.

How is this going to work exactly?

Once enough people sign up, I will send a survey to see what you want to know and learn and where your biggest obstacles are in getting into software development. Based on the results, I will run webinars, create blog posts, screencasts and whatever else that will help with your biggest concerns. I will also be available to answer whatever questions individually.

I already have a software developer job.

That's awesome! Sign up anyway and learn how to get better at your current job and how to get your next promotion.