Software developer bootcamp and 5 lucrative careers you can land after attending it

By now, the software developer bootcamp hype must have swept through your workplace. It is not just where you work, the whole idea of coding school is taking the US by a huge storm. Back in 2012, there were only a handful of them. Barely half a decade later, so much has changed. With many coding bootcamps providing practical introduction to some of the most important programming concepts, it is easy to understand why the number of people attending these institutions has skyrocketed. For someone who is planning to attend the same, you have probably asked yourself one of the most important questions; what will be in store upon completion? What are the possible career opportunities for you? Well, we offer you a brief insight into that!

Web developer

Certain coding bootcamps focus on intensive web development programs such as JavaScript and Ruby on Rails. Coupled with other programming languages like HTML and CSS, graduates from such coding schools can comfortably land jobs as web developers. The skills acquired therein will come handy in pursuing your career as a full-time web developer. However, most people who have since then joined this career after coding college admit that the bootcamp is just a foundation. The real work begin thereafter.

Software engineer

In some codecamps, you will gain extensive knowledge on fullstack JavaScript. This ushers one into the endless world of software development. Successful completion of a software developer bootcamp can land you that software engineering career you have always admired since childhood. Yet again, those who use their experience at the bootcamp as a stepping-stone have so much to gain later in their career life.

Experience developer

There might not have been so much hype about this career but this is another interesting job one can land after bootcamp graduation. What you will do in the course of your career varies. At one point, you might be creating small-scale experience prototype. You can also be pushed to do something beyond that. That explains why there is need to continue with skills build up even after graduating from a coding school.

DevOps Engineer

If you attended a dev bootcamp, a career as DevOps engineer might be one worth exploring. For such a career, each day comes with its own fair share of challenges. In most cases, you will be working alongside code developers in deployment of codes.

Chief Product Officer

You might not have seen this coming. Well, software developer bootcamp equip learners with essential skills that undoubtedly come handy for startups. In startups, most of the founders find themselves handling nearly all the roles, from writing some codes to developing prototypes. With knowledge from coding school, you can steer a startup into establishing a strong product team as you work closely with other professionals including designers, quality assurance engineers and developers. It would go well if you have a management background.

Undoubtedly, attending a coding bootcamp opens a new world of lucrative careers to successful graduates. Apart from the traditional roles as web developers, you can explore other interesting careers. From the look of things, it is getting even more interesting with each day!