Are coding bootcamps worth it?

For the past couple of years, coding bootcamps have been on the rise. From these technical training programs, people have been able to learn essential programing skills applicable to the current market needs. Ideally, such bootcamps equip people with important skills necessary in building web applications using recent technologies. Completed successfully, one has chances of … Read moreAre coding bootcamps worth it?

Online coding school and how to survive it

Apparently, you have already committed yourself to joining and journeying your course through online coding school. This is an important step, one that will possibly open doors to careers you wouldn’t have otherwise landed. Worth noting, many people have passed through system before. While the list of successful graduates is endless, one cannot dispute the … Read moreOnline coding school and how to survive it

Coding bootcamp vs college; What are the Differences?

Do coding bootcamps work? Why would I choose an online web development bootcamp at the expense of a Computer Science degree? Many people have questions regarding coding bootcamp vs college. With many tech companies continuing to hire coding bootcamps every year, it is understandable why many people have raised eyebrows concerning these institutions. Most questions come … Read moreCoding bootcamp vs college; What are the Differences?