What is coding bootcamp?

What is coding bootcamp?What is coding bootcamp? You might not have heard of the words coding bootcamps before but that doesn’t change the fact that they have become very common in recent times. The first coding bootcamps to come into existence around 2012 were joint efforts of both coders and employers who saw the need of investing in young talent. While there have been thousands of graduates from these institutions since then, the demand for such graduates seem to be on a rising trend. Today, nearly every company needs the services of a developer.

Is it an option for you?

According to a recent survey, 75% of coding bootcamps graduates end up working in related fields as opposed to less than 5% of programmers with degrees. There is no doubt that software development jobs are numerous. The interesting aspect is that joining coding bootcamps actually helps you secure such jobs. So, what is coding bootcamp? In essence, a coding bootcamp grants you a firm foundation and probably springboards you into a new field for those who might be trying programing for the first time.

Well, it is true that joining what has come to be known as ‘hacking schools’ have helped people increase their salaries. However, you must be wary of stories of people jumping from serving on the waiting table to earning six figure salaries after joining these institutions. Many graduates have gone ahead to admit that this isn’t something for everyone. Before deciding to be a developer through joining such schools, it is ideal that one carries out a thorough soul searching exercise. Find out what they don’t tell you about  online web development bootcamp.

Is it affordable?

For those who have developed keen interest in coding, the question of affordability always comes into pay before joining a programing school. According to a recent report released by Course Report, the average tuition fee for coding bootcamps stand at $11100. Honestly, that figure is considerably low when compared to most four-year degree programs. If you have a background of another job, you can possibly raise such fees without much struggles. It is agreeable that not everyone is in a position to raise the fees upfront. In such cases, you can take advantage of certain schools like App Academy which will only require the payments after you secure a developing job. In such cases however, the acceptance rates are low so you must prove yourself beyond doubts that it is worth the school’s efforts.

Be realistic in your expectations

It has been proven that coding bootcamp graduates help many people secure lucrative job offers they wouldn’t have otherwise gotten. However, one should not expect to jump out of a programing school right into a six-figure salary career.

If you are enthusiastic about joining a coding school, you should worry less about mathematics and calculus. The main aspect is positive drive and willingness to go beyond the norm. Simply, you must work hard and be passionate about it. You must be willing to pursue this career. If you are still interested in joining a coding bootcamp at this point then you have to take down this advice with you; choosing the best booting camp is not an option!

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